Google Maps API PHP

Convert any address into coordinates using PHP & Google Maps API

This tutorial will guide you about how you can convert a raw address to coordinates using Google Maps and PHP programming language.


All you have to put is the API Key by getting it from Google Maps API Console.



Introducing: Advance Canonical URL WordPress Plugin

SEO is most important and crucial element of any website. There are many plugins in the market which you can use to improve the SEO of your website and Advance Canonical URL is also a must-used plugin for your website.

It helps you to avoid duplicate content detection by google and adds a different URL for each of your page, post, archive etc. You can also define a custom URL for any page, post or custom post type by selecting the Advance Canonical Method via DashboardSettingsAdvance Canonical Settings.

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Released Server Info Plugin

WOHO! I finally found the time to work on another major version of my Server Info Plugin which was added on WordPress Repository couple of months ago. Considering the busy professional life, especially when you are the header of the support department of a company, it is quite hard to manage the time.

It is a small WordPress plugin which displays some technical server information useful to some users who might want to update the settings of their hosting which can help improve their website performance. For example, if you want to see which PHP version your site is running on then you will have to log in to your hosting account which may take like 5 – 10 minutes but instead, you can check the PHP version of your website by installing my plugin which takes only 2 minutes to install.

I have improved the overall UI of the plugin’s information page and added some more very useful information including:

  • Active Theme
  • Active Plugins
  • WordPress Debugging
  • Database Username
  • Database Hostname
  • Database Name
  • Database Charset
  • Database Collation

You can also find this plugin on github.com

If you have any suggestions please feel free to post them in the comments.


Introducing: Randomize Password WordPress Plugin

Security is a major concern these days especially when it comes to WordPress based websites. We all fight with lots of malicious logins attempts to our website and yes Akismet is there to protect us from that but it is always better to be one step ahead of everything.

I have released a new plugin which will enhance the security of your website. How? Let me explain. Most websites across the internet suggest their users change their password at least once every 90 days or less. It is a good practice to change the password of your website along with a good character limit. However, it is quite a hassle to change the password every 1 month or so.

This new plugin I coded will help you to make a schedule to change your website’s password automatically and send it to you via email to the email you have specified in the User Settings of your WordPress website.


Please feel free to rate this plugin and leave your comments. You can find the plugin here: