Introducing: Advance Canonical URL WordPress Plugin

SEO is most important and crucial element of any website. There are many plugins in the market which you can use to improve the SEO of your website and Advance Canonical URL is also a must-used plugin for your website.

It helps you to avoid duplicate content detection by google and adds a different URL for each of your page, post, archive etc. You can also define a custom URL for any page, post or custom post type by selecting the Advance Canonical Method via DashboardSettingsAdvance Canonical Settings.

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2 replies on “Introducing: Advance Canonical URL WordPress Plugin”

Salam there Mr. Usman,

I used your plugin on my website and it looks pretty good, can you tell me one thing that how your plugin differs from others available over the internet, moreover also explain that how it will impact CANONICALIZATION strategy overall.

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