Introducing: Randomize Password WordPress Plugin

Security is a major concern these days especially when it comes to WordPress based websites. We all fight with lots of malicious logins attempts to our website and yes Akismet is there to protect us from that but it is always better to be one step ahead of everything.

I have released a new plugin which will enhance the security of your website. How? Let me explain. Most websites across the internet suggest their users change their password at least once every 90 days or less. It is a good practice to change the password of your website along with a good character limit. However, it is quite a hassle to change the password every 1 month or so.

This new plugin I coded will help you to make a schedule to change your website’s password automatically and send it to you via email to the email you have specified in the User Settings of your WordPress website.


Please feel free to rate this plugin and leave your comments. You can find the plugin here:

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